Saturday, December 22, 2007

Welcome to ver 2.4.18 Bahia Island

Yesterday I thought that I won't able to see the new developments but thanks for the downloadable updater. I don't have to patch via server. Before proceeding to Bahia Island I slay first the Tyrannosaurus Rex on Ustiur Zona Tres to complete my quest for Grandice. After that I went to the island of Bahia.


(VargasII my deputy and me at outer Bahia)

Bahia Island is way too different from other key cities in Granado Espada because the feel was more of you are on vacation. There are numerous changes like; RNPC avatars on player applet were change, some skills were added like Catherine's, text enhancements and some identifiers were change, and so on. There are lots of changes and it's not enough in one sitting to identify all of it.

(Woot~ try it for yourself. But my Claude looks suck on air. Ahihi.)

(Watching Wispshot family of ClubHootHoot Faction)

There are also mini-games in the island. And my personal favorite is the trained mini Diablo who can toss you in the air. Other mini-games like Capybara and Watermelon are also nice especially the arena were you can encounter monsters.


At the end of my gaming hours yesterday I felt so happy about what've seen. I hope there is a chance for me to venture Bahamar swamps but unfortunately is a bit far to veteran. Enjoy the new patch guys.

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