Sunday, March 2, 2008

First Political Election at sGE

The first day of March is the first day among the pioneers of the new found world. Carracci has its first election for President and Duke. Our alliance formed at Port of Coimbra to practice our right to vote.


(The Faction Leaders of the Republican Alliance)

It was said, for a player to vote, a family should be at family level 10 to vote. The candidate must be a faction leader with level 52 faction. And in addition, the candidate should be politically aligned. In our case, †Bayushi† of Outcasts Faction is our candidate for republican president.

(FL Blacksword's Scout driving my Claude's Wheel of the Desitny ~ Broom)

The election initiated around 20:15 (GMT +8 Pacific Time), and the pioneers starts voting. It will be one of the most memorable elections because †Bayushi† made it as president for the republicans.

So have a good day and congrats to the new leaders.

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