Sunday, February 3, 2008

Intel "Scene and Heard" Week: Le Blanc (White)

Two brothers were forced to leave their country because of fate. Andrew has a colorful perspective in life was left by his brother Andres to be with the frontier. On the other hand, Lastinka a dear friend to the brothers encouraged Andrew to be strong and continue his dreams and fantasies. But Franco La Passion is hard to deal with. Will the new found world of Granado Espada deserves a colorful future?

A power cast takes you to the next level of machinima. This is our entry to the Intel Week "Scene and Heard" in the official forums of Granado Espada. The amateur machinima clip has a run-time of 33 minutes with the craziest punch lines that you will ask for more. For discussion and supporting about the movie clip visit here. To view this movie clip in imeem site, please watch it here!

For Youtube:

Part 1/4


Part 2/4


Part 3/4


Part 4/4




Director: Darrick (Reclusion Family) Written By: Josiah (Fiksdotter Family)
Technicals: Ryan (iCeZ Family)
Marvin (Mena Family), Ace (Artaxerxes Family), Anne (DeSanggria Family)

- Credits -
Destiny Faction, Outcasts Faction, Takhisis Faction, Chan Family, OZ Family,
McBurny Family, killersz Family, Xei Family, VargasII Family, DirtyPair Family, Behringer Family, Lupe Family, and Kaizou Family

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