Friday, February 15, 2008

Post "Win A Date With A GM" Event

The event for Date with a GM was really nice because the new found world seem to stop for a moment to have a peek on their favored GM's.
The Votes from players start to pour in as GM's shows up at different City. Then players give their chocolates to the GM as a sign of support and favor to that GM.

GM Lorenza
(GM Lorenza at Port of Coimbra with her followers)

GM Aimee
(GM Aimee at Site Reboldoeux channel 2)

GM Ecminet
(GM Ecinet at City of Auch who looks so elegant in black)

GM Eulalie
(GM Eulalie with it's Sir Lyndon, Irawan, and Viki RNPC)

GM Selva
(GM Selva the empress of the Dark Side of the Force)

After 45 minutes of giving out chocolates to GMs, GM Selva announces that all able players specifically level 90 and above move to Thueringenwald because she has a surprise.

Los Toldos Mob
(The undead mob of Tierra De Los Muertos. Photo by Reclusion)

The able players pose their strike then GM Selva unleashes a mob of Tierra De Los Muertos mob and fortunately the players can manage it. And it only means one thing, the players of Granado Espada SEA is ready for new map.

It was really wonderful and all. The GMs were interacting with the players even though there are many of them asking question. But still the GMs managed everything very well. Then again see you around!

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