Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Vivaldi (PK Server): My Exploration

Today was a worthwhile experience for me because even if I play at Vivaldi Server to have a glimpse of their community it seems that there are players who recognized me. And I was happy for some of those experiences. And I bid thanks to players who send PM on-line. But one player caught my attention because he broads teasing me why am I staying in Vivaldi. Thanks for the welcome Daemonic because I really appreciate it.


(At my system chat window a broad from Daemonic Family of Vivaldi)

After being tanked by one of the members of DefendeRz Faction, I move to Porto Bello the Deck and tried one of the features of this server which is baron mode. Baron mode enables you to forced attack by simply right clicking on a target family. But this can be done if your current family level is at 5 as implemented at Granado Espada SEA along with the target that is also at family level 5 and above. Once forced attack is initiated you can slay them but take note baron points will build at your family profile and a pulsing red skull appears at your family's heads. At this point every family that you will meet on the way except families below family level 5 is now PK enable. Now how can you disable baron mode? One of the faction members of DefendeRz Faction who I killed unintentionally told me that the only way I can shed off the points is by killing mobs preferably low level monsters for faster shedding. And it really works and the pulsing red skull disappears.

(Sorry for the players I poked especially my faction mate)

And for now these are the few experiences I can share to you about my stay at Vivaldi Server so good luck and happy grinding.

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