Saturday, February 9, 2008

Some updates on events for February

More events come pouring down the SEA Server of Granado Espada. And it seems that most of the players enjoyed it. Not to mention the running event for "Win A Date with a GM" which supporters dramatically increased as time goes by. Oh by the way I support GM Selva for this said event.

So if missed "Project Hostile Takeover" event here is the clip from the official Granado Espada SEA news bulletin.


Aside from celebrating the Chinese New Year at Granado Espada SEA, Reclusion Family of Carracci server made a music video clip presenting Feng Ling the new RNPC in the new found world.


And lastly, today I created my family at Vivaldi server and then I sell all of my 5 pieces enhancement booster and tranquilizers to have my own vis for survival. Then I created 2 stock wizards male and female. I also bought M'Boma for my third wizard in this team for Vivaldi server. And thank you to DefendeRz Faction for accepting me as one of their members.

So again ‘til next post Granado Espada community.

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