Sunday, November 11, 2007

Quality time with Takhisis

It was really true that a combination of the premium items' expert combat manual and forgotten territory pass makes your leveling a cool breeze. But the consequence is quite tough like in my case this would be my first three veteran so the vis is really tight for me because I have to catch up with my equipment. Fast leveling but way behind equips.



After 4 hours of playing I've decided to have fun with my members because every time we logged in all we have in mind is grinding. So I call their attention and do some mission ranging from interchange (level 1 & 2) and trinity level 3. It was really fun because we somehow practice our tactics how to finish things specially trinity 3. In our case most of the members were mid levels 55-70 so trinity 3 is still pretty tough. So we do some simple tactic for beginners like our faction. I tank because my family is a melee type and the nukers like Elementalist and Wizard goes at my back to prevent ample damages from Victors and Givars. And thanks to Southernsky for the motivation.

(Fiksdotter Family and Haagendaz Family bench rest.)


The two hours of quality time with my members was really fun for me. At least in the near future if we face the faction giants in our server this is going to be our weapon against them.

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