Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Angie, Feng Ling, and Karjalainen: AFK RNPC

There are some notable RNPC in the new patch 2.4.0 and most of the players are now overwhelmed they afford to start choosing their first character to get once the patch is unleashed.

Now for the first stop we'll proceed to Karjalainen a.k.a Miss "K" that was further introduced by CM Veya at her blog the master of rapier and ice.


Total Stat Points: 32
Str: 6
Agi: 7
Con: 5
Dex: 5
Int: 7
Cha: 3
Starting Level: 56
Location: City of Auch
Armor: ??
Personal Skill: Nil
Rapier - Epee Garde, Sabre Garde
Rapier + Bracelet of Ice - Epee Glacier, Sabre Glacier

How to get her:
Level requirement - Still questionable (should be around level 56)
*Note: You need to have Andre in your team*
1) Talk to Karjalainen using Andre as your team leader. You will engage in a battle with her.
2) Return to Karjalainen to receive your Karjalainen NPC Card

Next stop Angie McKenzie one of the most promising RNPC again for this coming version. Why? Well talk to her stances buddy! She is somewhat the combination of Jack and Diego who was been a pain to the defenders of their respective colonies occupied by the factions. Her she is and how you will get her!


Angie McKenzie
Total Stat Points: 30
Str: 4
Agi: 6
Con: 5
Dex: 6
Int: 5
Cha: 4
Starting Level: 20
Location: Queen's Gate
Armor: ?
Personal Skill: ?
No Weapon - Install Trap, Construction, Structure Build

How to get her:
Level requirement - 1
*Note: There may be changes to her quest in sGE. And it's not confirmed if she'll be available for recruitment yet. So don't keep your hopes up too high yet*
1) First, you need to purchase 175 Return Scrolls for Reboldoeux, Coimbra & Auch (175 EACH).
2) Talk to Angie at Queen's Gate (F9). She will ask you to collect 30 Ashes from Skeletons (level 19) at King's Garden.
3) Go back to Angie. She'll ask you to do 2 missions. 1st mission is to protect Angie from mobs (around level 3) while she constructs 3 turrets. 2nd mission is to help her destroy rocks/stones.
4) Next, Angie will ask you to collect 50 Red Wings from those red plants (level 21) at King's Garden.
5) Then, travel to Auch and speak to Gascon. You'll watch a scene between Gascon & Angie (you don't need to fight).
6) Return to Angie to receive your Angie NPC Card

And lastly who told you that the Street Fighter is not here to brawl the streets of Granado Espada. The Bahia Island introduces their RNPC named Feng Ling commonly known on its original name as Soso. Are you ready to meet her? So this is how you get her.

Feng Ling
Total Stat points:
Str: 6
Agi: 8
Con: 5
Dex: 5
Int: 3
Cha: 3
Starting Level: 1
Location: Bahia Island
Armor: ??
Personal Skill: ??
Chapter of Ice

How to get her:
First you need go to tropical island:
1. In Coimbra go to NPC that teleport you in Ustiur
2. Talk with her and choose the third option.
3. Then choose the second option.
4. Then a prompt will present you to buy tickets, choose Bahia island ticket. Duh it's obvious!
5. After buying the ticket talk again to the ticket NPC and choose to travel to Bahia.
6. Once you are Bahia island go find for Feng Ling at coordinates I10 of Bahia map.
7. Talk to Feng Ling and engage to a battle with her.
8. After defeating Feng Ling, talk to her again and give 50 mystic powder and she'll give you in return her card.



Let us review first on Karjalainen, base on her stats undoubtedly she will punish the opponent with her decent attack speed with some ample of elemental damage from the property of ice. I don't know, imagine slashing with rapier then if by chance the effect of ice would slow you down by frozen state. That really hurts.
Next we'll check on Angie, indeed she is really cute and all with her orange pastel hair. She's really cute but behind this charming looks, Angie could chunk down most of the colony wars making it easier for attacker with this RNPC to switch stances during the colony wars.
And who can ever forget another red fighting machine that spits ice out of her hands. Feng Ling made an impression with her stats with high attack speed of 8, making it chopping opponent without any effort at all. If you have family members like her I doubt they need more resistance against ice. We don't know if her punches can make your family suffer from frost bite.
To sum up, the new female RNPC really rocks the world of Granado Espada so what are you waiting? Think about your first picks and start showing who is the real boss.


Source: GranadoEspada.cc

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