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Granado Espada: My review after 90 days free access

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Granado Espada was much awaited when introduced last November of 2006, the close beta test version lasted for three long months and was stopped for survey purposes. This lone review is based on my personal experience and observation for the whole six months of playing the open beta test. I would like to stress that these factors motivate me to make my own review.

1. Most of the players are still playing the game because a 90 day free access was granted to those who made level 20 and above.

2. Most players stop playing the game during the 3rd and 4th month due to reasons of p2p or pay to play and other game issues.

3. Most players think that Granado Espada is more of grinding but never realize the killing spree ratio.

4. Most of the players don't realize that the community of Granado Espada is one of the most active even on-line and off-line.


Granado Espada brings out the new concept of a new MMORPG. Because most players are used to handle one character in one sitting well Granado Espada is different because you can control three characters at the same time.
Now here is the misconception, most reviews and some players say that it kills the social interaction of players because you can insert a scout in your team. So why worry for a healer and mingle around. Probably I agree with that.
But some players don't realize that the interaction begins when at higher levels quests are more difficult as it gets. And don't tell me that you cannot interact if you are in amidst of a faction wars.

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Because Granado Espada enables you to control characters it means more monster to slay. Indeed it is true that this game is somehow a hack and slash game as critics describes it.
But think again. Having three characters is still the same having one character under your control.

One of the features of Granado Espada is the majestic scenery, altered costumes, and soundtracks. These are the things that spice up the game.
Now there people find it weird and annoying? Well they are pointing at the soundtracks and some costumes making a male as a metro-sexual of some sort.
On my personal opinion as a player, the weirder it gets and rhymes with each elements the game will rule and meet its concept. Unfortunately most players did not see the creativity of the concept.

Anti bot!

Along the first three months of the open beta test, major issues arise like the league of botters which always storm every MMORPG. As the result of these botters, they greatly destroyed the young economy of Granado Espada.
Now the sad part about this event is when players quit because of the botting issue. And unfortunately players got frustrated due to slow response of IAHgames.
At the brighter side, I've witnessed the dramatic war of Granado Espada community against the vicious botters. After four months to the present, visibility of botters is almost diminished. And alas the Otite Wars marks its history and this is how I label the issue.

In addition to the major issues, the pay to play system stings the mind of the players. Rant and whines all over thread spread like a disease making the thread started more redundant.
Now this is what they have missed, in comparison with the Sword of the New World in other country, they're suffering much more of these botters (refer to paragraph above). The SotNW version of Granado Espada has a free to play business plan. But unfortunately game reviews turned down the game forcing the IMC to implement free to play to their servers. But as always, there is always a price of getting an apple for free. Currently here in the Philippines I've met a lot of players quitted Granado Espada due to pay to play issue.
If they will only realize the pay to play business plan of Granado Espada is cheaper. Imagine you pay for the game for a lower cost and g-points along to buy premium items. Unlike other local Philippine MMORPG, it's free to play but the premium items forces you to want an item that cost higher than you expect. Sorry guys but we have a combat manual that can boost our experience acquisition.

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The community is more interactive in Granado Espada. This is the community that has popular community managers who are easy to get along. Another thing about the community is the challenge is not only involve in-game but also offline. There are series contests in store for players that motivate a player to be artistic in many ways. But IAHgames is not there to watch thus they hand a reward in return for being creative.


In a total of six months of gaming, excluding close beta test to open beta, I am satisfied for all the game experience. I was a previous player of a distinguished local MMORPG, but I was easily frustrated because I pay but there were no action from the management. So it took me almost a year and six months to regain confidence on MMORPG. I am a type of person who work hard and play hard and Granado Espada did not disappoint me. Imagine my kind of lifestyle, for the span of 6 months I manage to reach level 80 for only playing three times a week and sometimes I skip a week then plays again. But in my previous MMORPG, with this kind of gaming habit, I will be left behind. I cannot blame other people who have different perspective about MMORPG but if the only reason is the pay to play business format well think twice. Sometimes we don't realize that free to play games are more costly than pay to play games.
You might think that I might quit this game because 90 days has ended. But fortunately my confidence on playing MMORPG is back. And I'm ready to explore the new found world that Granado Espada introduced to me. Not to mention I've already purchased 5800 g-point worth game value card and bought my expert combat manual.
I think most players are not ready for a change of game concept and beside why deserve the best if you don't experience the worst.



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