Monday, November 19, 2007

Chrysalis: Second part of Faction 51 Quest

Darn that internet service, it stopped me from putting entries for my blog. So because my entries were piled up, am going to post all of it I assure you.

It was Friday last week when we pursued faction quest 51, the second part. If you remember we've finished the first part of this quest and now its completion.

quest51 (2)

It was around 18:00 when we gathered at channel 1 of Auch City near the PvP officer. But while waiting for the other participants, we have a small game at the PvP officer to waste some time and warm up. At exactly 19:23 some of the Outcasts Faction members made it on schedule leaded by Obviar their faction leader. And a lone participant Reclusion family from Destiny Faction completes the raiding team.

quest51 (3)

19:30 the raid team made to Mhorgus coordinates J7 and then I opened the portal for the faction 51 quest. We lasted around for 15 minutes and we have to restart the mission because our strategy went wrong. There was an unequal distribution of teams for left and right portal at coordinates C3.

quest51 (4)

We move again outside of Mhorgus J7 again to regroup and distribute our team to A and B. Then everything runs smoothly then we managed to reach the last portal that leads to Chrysalis's room. Unfortunately four veterans from Outcasts Faction were left behind due to failure of entering the last portal. In short the raid team was comprised of mid levels, some 90+, and few veterans.

quest51 (6)
(I hate it when Chrysalis look at us like that!)

quest51 (8)
(At last our nightmare is gone for!)

The quest in our case was quite difficult because there were few veterans inside the Chrysalis room. But the amazing thing about it is when the time was almost over Chrysalis found his downfall at 10:17, quest time, and he faded like fog. We rejoiced after this and I was so thankful that Outcasts Faction was with us during this quest.

quest51 (9)

After the quest my faction members and Outcasts' members bid goodbye to each other. Then we made some pictorials outside the walls of Site Reboldoeux.


As for me another responsibility was added into my cookie jar and I think the end of my comic career for Granado Espada because of this shiny ring in my family's belly. But you'll never know I could find ways to improvise.

Special thanks to the following:

Outcast Faction:
Obviar Family
Southernsky Family
Gustavo Family
Gatch Family
christus Family
holmez Family
jakeissa Family
Oliveoyl Family

Destiny Faction:
Reclusion Family

Takhisis Faction:
VargasII Family
DirtyPair Family
XxLiveWirexX Family

gelogos (1)
"Friends were gained and its enough to rejoice"

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