Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Fantazzztic Film Awards 2007: Zeee revelation.

The Fantazzztic Film Awards is one of the off-line events for Granado Espada community wherein contestants can create a remake through recording online scenes. This involves story outlines or even making a music video out of it using artistry. For the meantime rules are set that the jurors will only watch 10 minutes of the screen time and it's prohibited to use profanity in scripts because the competition promotes creativity and advertisement persae. There may be lots of prizes in store but the price at stake for the champion is $1,200 cold cash/check as per sponsored by IAHgames.

And because I am also included in this tourney, I teamed up with Reclusion and IceZ for Carracci. Unfortunately I can't give you out the details of our story thus this screen shots are from behind the scenes.






By this week the teaser might be finished along with my full written script to Reclusion because he is now responsible of the cinematography and directing. All-in-all we are ready to test the course. It's for fun and again for the love of the game.


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