Monday, July 30, 2007

My friend was banned!

It was 07.17.07 when we went to a computer cafe
and we were so excited. My friend Haagendaz
(in-game name), starts to type in his user name
and password when a prompt appear after hitting
the enter key at the keyboard. It says the account
is disabled

We were so shocked. We can't figure out how
this thing happened. And besides there is no
trace of botting or such because we've played

Then I asked him if he did something wrong
on-line but all he remember is the deal for
an enhancement chip.

Today he told me that he post a thread at the
official GE forums and guess what I don't
expect that this thread start would start too
much fire.

Page 01 - My account was banned


The fire does not stop there but it continues
as days passes by through posts of sharp tongued
people who bluntly posts words that is way too
less of a human. Specially the forum user name
Jesaleigh who definitely don't know how to stop.

Page 02 - My account was banned

And even I was not spared by these people who
starts flaming around. I note that the #30 post
in this thread but I just ignored it on page 04 of
the topic.

Page 03 - My account was banned

At last after many days reading through this topic
my friend Haagendaz was able to play his account
again. But it was really a pity that there are
those people who likes flaming around. In this
page the account was activated and I post a humble
message for a just action to my friend. Note on
#39 post on this topic.

Page 04 - My account was banned

And the rest was history. That is way too hot.

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