Sunday, July 22, 2007

NIA "Ninjas In Action"

It was around 3o'clock in the afternoon when a broad
message appears in the server of Carracci. That was
encouraging players to report bots on the spot. Then
at that very moment I was pulling the level of my
elementalist at the Porto Bello, the Hold.

I send a personal message at this particular GM name
and after a while my characters was lag to death for
almost 20 seconds. I thought my PC stopped and starts
to think I have to restart this. But the characters
moved again and a GM appears. Wow! Is that the effect
when a GM is summons in front of you?


(First encounter with a GM. Autograph please)


Unfortunately in the forums, there are players who
questions the efficiency of the NIA's or Ninjas in
Action as defined by Miss Hrin.

But I think they really mean NIA and am glad to see
them in action against the league of diminishing bots.

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