Thursday, July 19, 2007

Takhisis Faction Forums

I strongly believe that a faction deserves a forum site
for communication purposes and other information in
relation with the game Granado Espada.


I've created a faction in Carracci server and I named
it as Takhisis. I don't have any problems of thinking
about the name because I read lots of fantasy inspired
novel books. We have a starting member of 7 pioneers
including myself. Then after a few days we've decided
to put up a forum site for the faction.


I know its really hard to push members to log in at the
forums but we have to. This is the only way to inform
them and I know it'll be a great help later when we
manage to recruit enough members for the faction.

And my friend Foxyreign helped me to put up
the forums' banner.

Here is the link:
Takhisis Faction Forums

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