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Post Philippine GE Commercial Launch: Dodge this!


Antioplo City is 2 hours travel to One Esplanade at Pasay City. Am off at 12:10 with my friend Puritan of Carracci. Around 14:20 we arrived at Mall of Asia and now meeting another friend of mine Josua BedaƱa who is going to help me out on my event documentation.

GE01 GE02

We moved to One Esplanade and wow what do we have here? GE players start to fill in before the registration and I know why because of the "Early Bird" registration. The first 100 registrants will win themselves angel wings and I say the birds will have their wings! Fortunately my friend Puritan made it as the 75th person who will sign up for the "Early Bird" registration. My friend Haagendaz was also there but he never make it to "Early Bird" registration though he still registers himself.


One Esplanade is a good place not to mention it's quite windy that afternoon. I was walking around and these Cosplayers caught my attention because they're doing preparations and practicing poses for the event later. Media from IBC 13 and Hero Channel were also in this event capturing interesting activities specially the Cosplayers who pose for them.

Then I explore more by checking on booths and people gathered around.


GE07 GE10

On site they have free gaming for those who wants to login their family. And some Granado Espada characters which I take advantage of capturing pictures with them like Idge (Ms. Ann) and their model Scout.

GE03 GE09

15:30 the event starts with a live performance from the band "Sinong Sikat" who powers up the stage along with Ms. Feria (Product Manager) and DJ Franchesca (Monster Radio RX 93.1) the hosts of the event. A welcome from Mr. Tsao formally open the GE commercial launch and afterwards a video message from game-creator Hakkyu Kim himself were shown to all Filipino GE players who are in the event. He sends his message of gratitude to all players who shows support to the award-winning game Granado Espada.


Off-line quests were also available during the event. For example, this guy here wins himself a pair angel wings by giving five facts about game-creator Hakkyu Kim. Then after giving the information he strikes a Veteran pose for the people.


Another notable off-line quests is when Ms. Veya (PH Community Manager), wearing Emilia the Sage costume, was drag along in exchange of angel wings. The funny thing is Ms. Veya was unaware of this and Ms. Feria has a good smile at it.


GE12 GE13

One of the most anticipated events was the Cosplay event for GE category and open category. As Ms. Feria and DJ Franchesca calls the Cosplayers the crowd become more excited as they cheerfully shouts for their bet.


GE18 GE17

After awhile, the winners were determined and winners are; Caress Valdes (Cosplayed Elementalist) for 1st place for GE category, Noemi Lansang (Aerith) for Best Female open category, and Christian Umali (RAN swordsman) for Best Male open category.

Caress Valdes - Elementalist

Fiksdotter: Hi Caress!
Caress: Wassup?
Fiksdotter: Doing great thanks for asking. Can I have an interview with you?
Caress: Sure.
Fiksdotter: Why do you choose the Elementalist as a character for Cosplay?
Caress: Because I like the character. She is the prettiest one and the male is the hunkiest.
Fiksdotter: I agree to that. So, how many weeks or months took you to prepare your costume?
Caress: Months since late March. I had it made and it took longer than expected
Fiksdotter: That long?
Caress: Yes
Fiksdotter: Amazing. No doubt about the costume. It was really nice. What is your expectation during the Cosplay competition?
Caress: I was expecting an air-conditioned place packed with fanatics like events held in WTC. I was also counting that many would be cospalying but since it's the game's first year, there's a 'wait-a-while' state.
Fiksdotter: So how does it feel winning in 1st place?
Caress: Its all for fun and like Andre Janzur says ' fantazzzies. Very Happy and I hope there are more opportunities for me to join more cosplay competition.
Fiksdotter: Any plans in the future of joining another Cosplay contest?
Caress: Yes. I'm really hoping to join Level Up LIVE's cosplay on Nov. 3 & 4 and Hataw Hanep Hero's cosplay on Dec 1 & 2, 2007. I am originally a strictly Ragnarok Online Cosplayer but I couldn't help but try GE since I love the characters.
Fiksdotter: So do you have any message for both new and old Cosplayers?
Caress: Cosplaying really helps removes your stress and when you go out there just have fun and don't be panicky. First timers gets that a lot but just stay quiet if you feel jumpy about 'acting' on the catwalk. The first time I did, I just walked quietly stay still for a bit for the audience to look at you then exit normally.
Fiksdotter: Thanks for the inspiring message and tip as well.
Caress: No big. Just a simple advice.

Noemi Lansang - Aerith

Fiksdotter: Oh hi there! Care for an interview?
Noemi: Sure.
Fiksdotter: Why do you choose Aerith as a character for Cosplay?
Noemi: I watched Final Fantasy Advent Child and she was so pretty. And I like her dress.
Fiksdotter: Well it really works on you.
Noemi: Thanks.
Fiksdotter: So, how many weeks or months took you to prepare your costume?
Noemi: Just a couple of weeks. Browsing dress at Malls and there I get it.
Fiksdotter: I can't believe that from Malls you can create Aerith's outfit. So any expectation about the event?
Noemi: I thought there going to be more cosplayers but I think the numbers were enough.
Fiksdotter: So how does it feel winning Best Female cosplayer for open category?
Noemi: I was really shocked because this is my first time to try cosplay.
Fiksdotter: Wow impressive. I think your attempt pays off. So any plans of joining another cosplay?
Noemi: Why not. Because from this competition, I found friends and I love it.
Fiksdotter: Good to hear that. Any message for aspiring cosplayers alike?
Noemi: Maybe give it a try, its good to build self esteem and character. And most of all gaining new friends from it.
Fiksdotter: Thanks for the time Noemi. And see you around.
Noemi: (Waves goodbye and bows)

My experience of talking to candidates for the cosplay category was really great and learning everything about them made me realize that it's not easy. Still these cosplayers knows how to enjoy the event.


But the fun never stops there; in the other side of the floor the Liberty's Wrath tournament is about to start. Eight teams from different regions of the Philippines is about to demonstrate their team's spirit and as pioneers of the new world as well. The teams came from Baguio City, Bulacan, Cainta Rizal, Cagayan de Oro, Cebu City, Davao City, National Capital Region I, and National Capital Region II. The teams clashed for 3 round elimination type of battle with team members of five. Each members was given pre-made accounts which characters' are set to level 100. This means that they could use Veteran stances during the game.


GE22 GE21

After many intense battle between each teams, the finals narrowed into two teams; the team from Baguio City and Cebu City. The final round was really exciting because the GE staff turns off spectator mode on the big screen putting the crowd in curiosity about the progress of the match. But the curiosity was broken when the team from Cebu yells for their win against the opposing team.


GE25 GE24

The team that received the 3rd place award goes to team Davao after defeating Cainta for 3rd runner up spot. 2nd place award goes to the enduring Baguio team which reveals themselves as Anonymous Faction from Cervantes server. And lastly, the champion of Liberty's Wrath Tournament the team from Cebu who manages to break through the strategy of Baguio team during the final round.


These event was really fun and as for me, it's really nice meeting different people during the official launch. When will be the next? Its for the IAHgames and E-Games to tell.

Other Pictures:





(a)Ms. Sheila Rada (Corp. Communication Manager), Fiksdotter, and Mr. Samonte (Editor-in-Chief E-Games)
(b)Fiksdotter, Ms. Veya (Community Manager PH), and Haagendaz
(c)Fiksdotter, Brunie Etienne, and Baby Catherine the summoner


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