Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Thrills, Deals, and Misery

I can't imagine that 12 hours of pure game play
and still am awake!

Because I played from 7pm of 09.3.07 to
7am of 09.04.07!

Beat that! But I know someone will.


I logged in around 7pm and immediately I moved
to my favored spot for level grinding. But it
was really annoying because its lag!

So I decided to send a broad message saying
"Stressed? Visit pvp officer city of auch ch1 for fun".
Then I created a room then there are 6 of us. It
was really fun even though most of the players
were already veteran still its for the sake of fun.

Then I decided to grind for training. Around 10pm
I moved back to City of Auch and broad about my
recipe for sale. But in just several minutes my level
52 elite shotgun recipe receive some offers and
the level 60 elite scale armour. Which will sum for
5.5 million vis! And I accept their offers.

(Screenshots of two offers and accepted at the same time. 5.5M!
My first biggest deal!)

But the sad thing about this day is when one of our
pioneering member of Takhisis Faction left. His in-game
family name is Coroza. He told me that we are still
friends together with the Takhisis family because he
enjoys our company but unfortunately he will join
his friend's faction here at Carracci server. We bid
you the best along with your future faction. Hope to
see you on 09.15.07 Philippine Granado Espada
commercial launch


It was around 5o'clock in the morning and am getting
sleepy but I have no choice but to finish my rent up
until 7am because I already paid for it.

Then I bought some new items like the braided hair
for my scout and plate mail for the fighter.

(Nimrod bridge near the Port of Coimbra)

7o'clock at last! I am finish and now I could take a

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