Saturday, September 15, 2007

Preparation for Esplanade

I was really excited about the commercial launch here
in the Philippines. Most of my friends on-line
was already sending messages in my mobile phone asking
if I will be there. Even my phone at home wasn't
spared at all, because some faction members of mine
were calling me up.


I think am prepared for this event. I charged up my
digital camera and think of what I will wear for tomorrow.
Two of my friends ask me where can we meet so that all
of us will be going to place together.


This excitement is running through my spine. I was so
anxious of what I'm going to do during the event. Not
to mention the Cosplayers and the tournament. And
most specially meeting Miss Veya in person. Har!




As the Elementalist often say "Am waiting for this."


See you guys at Esplanade!

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