Thursday, August 30, 2007

Fiksdotter family

I just finished playing Granado Espada. We played for
almost five hours and it was not exhausting at all. Why
did I say "we"? Because my brother and our friend
played together in a nearby cafe in our subdivision.

It was cloudy but thank heavens the rain did not pour.

For five hours we do some missions like opening the
famous trinity level 2 for escudo pecher hunt.
Because my brother was in need of finishing the quest
for the RNPC Alejandro. But unfortunately we did not
finish his mission due to lack of mission scrolls for
trinity level 2.

Then the remaining hours we just grind through our
favored spots.

At the end of our gaming hours, I decided to take some
images on my family. You know, telling to yourself that
I won't hire another RNPC and settle to the characters
I want to pursue until it reaches level 100.

(Fiksdotter family from left; Yoshiyahu, Gunnarson, and Lucilde)

This is a very nice day. It is not really exhausting I assure you.

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