Tuesday, August 14, 2007

PH players not again!

Before anything else read this thread and
tell me what is your opinion to this one.

Here is the link:

Who will leave G.E?


This issue was one of the hottest topic in
the official Granado Espada forums. The
issue of pay to play gaming. In my part I
felt so really bad about the continuous
relay of replies. Simply because I am a

I understand that most of the Filipino players
wants free to play gaming but unfortunately
in the looks of this game it doesn't deserve
a free to play system. Simply because it is
way gorgeous.

I don't know sometimes I felt so bad with
other Filipino players because there are
rants about them and it really fizzles me off
but I cannot fend them because of some
manner I can not deny.

But don't think that I didn't do anything.
In spite of this treatment I show them how to
be mannered specially in this thread. I am
Yoshiyahu, read the replies.

Here is the link:

Bad News For Us Filipino's


Sometimes reality bites. You fend off on
something you know, you are a loser.

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