Sunday, August 26, 2007

Its really hard

I played from 10pm of 08.24.07 to 6am of 08.25.07
and I admit that was way too long for a gameplay.
Well I have to grind my level because we have to
be competitive in such manner.

At last I finally claimed my divine angel wings and it
was so nice to see. But my friends in the computer
cafe were teasing me because I equipped it to my
fighter. That was too feminine I should say. Wink!

After three hours I decided to stand up and grab
some food in the nearest store. I was walking and
I wondered "Maybe its time for me to recruit some
more members".

I head back to the computer cafe. And when I check
my characters... darn they're all dead.
I warped back to City of Auch, bought some
microphones, and head back to the Grand Library
of Torch's mansion. I admit its pretty tiring grinding
level and shouting for recruiting. After several use
of the microphone still no one respond.
After some hours I head to Vegas Javier and tried
to summon the Great Hill Giant. But for crying out
loud it just stomp my characters with one turn hit!
Then I check the stats of the Great Hill Giant and
wow it is level 90!!! Now that is so sad because my
level is not yet in the 90+ bracket.

Am almost done it is morning and am still thinking
if I could still manage to reach that level to defeat
the Great Hill Giant together with my faction members.

We are up for the challenge and I believe that we can
make it.

Takhisis Faction we can.

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