Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Divine Angel Wings of accomplishment

I really want to log on at the forums of Granado Espada.
But unfortunately I can't because our internet service
in my area was terminated due to a typhoon. I was so
thrilled to see the results if I win the comic challenge at
the forums because if I win, angel wings is mine to take.

I logged on today and quickly open the forum site of
Granado Espada. And good heavens I won the comic challenge!
I was so overwhelmed I don't know how to claim the prize.
Then I checked my messenger and I saw that one of the
community managers where online and sent her a message on
how could I claim my price. Then she gave me a link on how
to activate the premium item. Then I checked my email and
there I see the premium code of my angel wing. I was really
anxious to see it live on line!

For curiosity sake this is my entry:
Page 01

Page 02

My user name in the forum is Yoshiyahu and this is the link
for the challenge:

Forum Quest No. 2: Selwyn's Challenge

I don't know. You now how it feels to be part of the digital
world and then when it stops you try to make your way to it.

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