Tuesday, August 28, 2007

In my area

I was planning to stay at for the day because
I wanted to have a good rest for the next day.
It was 5'o clock in the afternoon when my
neighbor sent a message at my mobile asking
about the server where my family settles.
Then I quickly replied him to call at my land
line but he refused and says he will drop by
our house.

He told me that he registered a week ago and
his family is at Carracci server. I was really
happy about it and he also says that he has
other friends with him that plays the game in
the same server and they want to join my

It was around quarter to 7'o clock and he asks
me if I want to play Granado Espada. I replied
and said there is no cafe in here that has GE.
He answers, there is a new cafe near our
subdivision maybe you should check it out.

We walked outside and there I found it. The
specs of their PC were decent and the place
was somehow good. I played there for just
four hours with my neighbor.

Wow the new found world is in my area!

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