Monday, May 5, 2008

1 Year of Blogging and Playing

Granado Espada was considerably one of the best Free-to-play Premium Mall MMORPG and staying on this game is absolutely worthy! I was playing the game since COBT (Close Beta Test) were limited accounts to access the server was distributed by E-Games, the local distributor here in the Philippines.

So how why am I still playing the game and blogging it at the same time? I have many reasons but I'll narrow it to simpler ones. First I like the concept of the game having three characters to control in a Baroque Era setting and not to mention the great graphics that Granado Espada has to offer. Second this game doesn't require a lot of grinding unlike other MMORPG because the premium items augment your family to gather faster experience points! Third there are creative things you can do with this game~ and I say Granado Espada is almost fit for Machinima, creating movies or clips using the game itself. Fourth there are no rollbacks here, unlike there are games that when they get bugged the levels rollback. Fifth the community here is more active and stronger, well numerous blog for an on-line game calls for active community. So I take the opportunity to say thanks to RCM Hrin for enduring and trying her best to solve the problems of players. And lastly Granado Espada community offers a wide range of competition and events that players may be involved into either on-line or off-line.

My first members

Yet I was happy that am still here at the game and blogging for the community and I hope you guys felt the same too. I have nothing more to say but again, thank you for supporting my blog throughout the months! Avanti Granado Espada SEA!!!

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