Saturday, May 17, 2008

Two Factions Celebrates 1 year!

As a faction leader, I was really happy that Takhisis Faction which I founded is now at it's 1st year! I was honored with the members who stayed in this faction though there are tasty offers from the bigger ones. The members proposed for a simple screen shot with Simon Ayande and I guess it was nice enough to celebrate Takhisis' 1 year as a faction of Carracci. But we are looking forward of organizing an Eye-Ball this month in relation with the celebration.


But the wasn't like any other day because Destiny Faction is also celebrating their 1st year as a faction. Most of their members move at Auch City channel one to display their unity and celebrate this wonderful day. Thanks to one of the officers of Destiny Faction for inviting me to celebrate with them by using fireworks at the city.


Yet again great and small, the celebration for one year on these factions was one of the happiest day that they stood still as one. Hope both factions will endure as long the game exist. Congratulations again Takhisis Faction and Destiny Faction for making it this far!

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