Thursday, May 15, 2008

When does the hurting stop?

I am playing the game for a year now and unfortunately there some things that aren't progressing at all. One of the issues here in the Philippines during the first quarter of Granado Espada is more of promotion and advertising. Most of the well informed players knew that Granado Espada is not actually the handled game of E-Games but the game suffers and evidently it shows. So here are the points.


So why most of the Filipinos fight for this game?

(1) Simply because Granado Espada offers new start for players (2) The community is more vibrant (3) Obviously this game is a topnotch (4) This game offers free to play and at the same time enjoying a good quality type of game (5) Granado Espada is almost perfect for Machinima and we say it was (6) And lastly because they want to stay!

So what most Filipinos rant about the game?

(1) The GVC's was blasted to the oblivion making players rant about finding one (2) When I promote Granado Espada to a prospect player, it will reply like "Huh? Granado Espada?" (3) Most Granado Espada players move from city to another city and what they found on cafe shops? "Do you have Granado Espada?" then the crew replies "We don't have it here because there no installer for that game." (4) "Yehey its Colony Wars again!" Then after 2 hours of participating the war ~ "That piece of *bleet* *bleet* *bleet*, the server was too lag!" (5) Another issue was the lack of effort from our local community handlers who sat down and having tea party while the players continues to voice out their problems. But they will say "The hell we care."

The game was acclaimed as a Triple-A MMORPG but the local management ruins it chunk by chunk. About the GVC issue this is old news but its always the headline hear in the Philippines. Another thing is the lack of advertisement about the game, by the beard of Lydon, most players here in the Philippines doesn't know about Granado Espada! I hope this year's anniversary for Granado Espada here in the Philippines will be successful and great as evident by how it was organized. But as usual all we can do now is to look at the stars above us and say "Asaness ka naman!" in English translation "As if!".

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