Sunday, March 1, 2009


Yesterday after some frequent disconnection from our service provider, good thing that my faction mates informed me a squad was created for Occulta. I was really ready for this quest scenario, not to mention I have my 5pcs of Te with me. We do the quest around 20:00 so it means its twilight time outside the Zeia outskirts. We reached the entrance and everyone is ready for some action.


Upon entering Occulta Fortress, we already anticipate sudden death if traps manage to kill us so we have soul crystals with us. Upon heading an area where we could hunt down for Kobold Elder, we passed by some Dullahan Guards and many spike traps that stuns you and hits your family simultaneously. And it hurts a lot, every use of soul crystal its either my characters are being knocked back or stunned to death. We've managed to pass through these traps and Dullahans then now we found a spot for refuge and safe hunt on Kobold Elders.


After an hour of hunting, we return to the Zeia captain to accomplish the task. After talking to the captain I move to Nar and voila his character card is now mine. Hope you'll try this quest and make sure you have several or more pieces of soul crystals to survive the traps. I'll keep you posted pioneers.

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