Friday, March 13, 2009

Seeing things around GE 2

Previously, ABS (Adelina Booty Search) had released some fancy things that will caught your attention and that is costumes! For this post, I dedicate my time of loitering around the new found world and to see myself the costumes that was released from ABS. And for this task I picked my three devils to walk around and take the screenshots!

Ceneraria Costume for Emilia

Blackness Rose Costume for male Wizard

White Fallen Angel Wings (Back Costume) and Fairy Bob Hairstyle

Rosa Camelia Costume for female Fighter

Nice was it. Hunting down the owners and took stolen shots at them. It was fun at the same time it was worth seeing such things around Granado Espada. To get this costumes, try your luck through Adelina Booty Search. Til again I'll keep you posted pioneers.

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