Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Untamed Pioneers


Today I was camping at Treasure Golem's lair located at the far end of Tetra Golden Road. Well at least I got my self a Symbol of Taurus and I was happy to have one for vis purposes. Unfortunately some players from a distinguished faction accused me of reporting that player as a bot. Which he is trying to imply I'm abusing the feature just to win against the feebled Treasure Golem. Then these players trash talking me and insulting me, but I told them if you have evidence that I report him as bot then insult me further. In the end of the conversation they say nothing but useless statement displaying their arrogant behavior in-game. This example could be an isolate case but many players suffer from these players who came from spending faction. They look others below them in regardless of what they want to say against a player without being careful. I've heard many cases relevant to this, players who are offended sent a complain to IAH management but they couldn't take further action to this arrogant players because they are alleged spenders of the game so the offended players claim that they maybe immune to punishment. I hope there are no special treatment on this players that doesn't help the community build friendship accross countries. Because if this things further happen, division among players will be established and players will start to hate each other. To pioneers who still play the game, if you came accross arogant players such I encountered try to be patient because they might ruin your day. Til again I'll keep you posted pioneers.

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