Wednesday, March 4, 2009

sGE current state - Continue?

By far best Granado Espada is one of the most impressive MMORPG and there are good and bad points of the game. There are certain issues in-game and there are forseeable crisis on the game aspect and culture. I'll give you some issues and most points are from collective statements of players of Granado Espada SEA.

Third Party Program/Bots
Congratulations to IAH and IMC for successfully dumping the bot population for almost three weeks. Unfortunately there are some who are not in favor about it and some minority of non-botter alas for it. In my personal opinion the GEC (GE Crazy) is not completely getting rid off. Macro users says its unfair because this script saves them real money instead of spending it for GEC. If you will see the climate of players, its more of if you want to keep on phase of the game use GEC. This issue is very sensitive to every MMORPG thus there should be a system that must be implemented which favors every type of user.

In-game Items
It was a blessing that everyone gets the advantage of acquiring elite 92 armor recipe through ABS (Adelina Booty Search). But there are things that spoils the game, Dragon Heart Recipe (DHR) start spawning the ABS turning King of Greed useless. Even the latest ingredient Ti/Te and other runes only found in Zeia are now loots from ABS. Better yet they throw Serpent and Chess series instead rather that hurting the economy badly. Its like more of "I have tons of money no need to explore the game". Well for some opinions thrown by the so-called "All-knowing" forum lurkers, they say it opens opportunity to those who can't explore the game. I say its wrong, motivation of spoon feeding is more I likely to hear. They always say dominant faction always get the good stuff. Again its a wrong statement, because they raid for it with efforts of catching up time with numerous Boss. The forum lurkers of Granado Espada actually haven't tried camping Boss for a straight week, so reading to their "All-knowing" post is completely non-sense and irrelevant to those players who knows how to raid. Unfortunately the tide of trade in my server is more of Premium Item equal to a certain in-game item well that includes G-Points code.

Dimnishing number of Players
Contributory factory of the game was the two points above mentioned. Another one that crack the balls of GE supporters are lack of effort from local distributors in terms of advertisement. Many times this issue has been raised for almost two years and there are no visible efforts from the local distributors. In the case of Philippine community, most common answer to this is they cannot further keep the phase of the game. Spending become essential to the game, unlike other MMORPG they can still keep up the phase with optional spending. For example everyone can get a certain item that is reputable in-game through means of raiding and farming. Then premium items only count because of further enhancement. Well in my personal opinion this idea is good, unfortunately IMC nerfed some important drops that is essential for crafting. In my experience Snail skins and Chess pieces were like in the whole 12 hours of playing I only acquire 1-2 pieces. Take note that is not everyday, it always drop to luck and you need 30 pieces of it to create a reputable weapon in-game. In short this will take you a life time, and to cut this life time you spend more to get these in Adelina Booty Search. The game is fast phased and at least IMC should reconsider un-nerf drop rates of items necessary for crafting. And players became tasteless to this system in-game which really force players to shed away.

Fortunately sGE has not that much to rant about but the fact that the most essential parts of every MMORPG was strafed; In-game items, botting, players, and premium items. I still believe in SEA Granado Espada and the management that holds it. I hope they should see these point because the things they thought was good sometimes cause backfire to the game itself. The second year of Granado Espada SEA is near hope things will turn up a lot better. Til again I'll keep you posted pioneers.

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Colbourn Family said...

i only have one complain, very hard quest, so little reward.