Thursday, March 26, 2009

Fool'n around Granado Espada


If you managed to log today after the server maintenance, you will notice that there is a kid near Leonardo Expresso. Yup you are right the April Fool's Event Boy is in town and he is giving away something that might interest you. So does this event work? Simple, answer his quiz and getting 9 correct answers without making a single mistake. I hate to be a spoiler but these are the questions and answers as well.

1. Who is the Leader of the Republican faction of Granado Espada? Ans. Obama
2. What is ABS? Ans. Anti-Lock Braking System
3. Which of these is a top loot for ABS? Ans. Watermelon Skin
4. What is mystery powder? Ans. The blue crack of the New World
5. Who is Selva's fiance? Ans. Gavin Jameson
6. Who is Nar? Ans. Ania's sister
7. Who is the most beautiful NPC in Granado Espada? Ans. Meepokta (I personally laugh at this)
8. What is the in-game currency for Granado Espada? Ans. Hrin Points
9. Which of these is a pet in Granado Espada? Ans. Marley

For now I don't know if there are any other questions beyond on my list. Remember you can only do this three times a day. The prize I've received are event soup that has random effect. So advance happy April fools day to our pioneers. Til again I'll keep you posted pioneers!

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Grace Mulann said...

ooo answer sheet!
nice xD